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About the Oak Method

The Oak Method is a transformational program that brings you from disaster to master.  Through progressing through our 4 phases, you can grow from where you are and get to the goals you have for yourself.  

Why an oak?  An oak tree has solid roots and a strong trunk.  It grows slowly and forms a beautiful hardwood.  Its branches are strong.  The leaves and fruit represent the joy and abundance that come from reaching your goals and mastering your emotions. 


Emotional resilience and conflict management are key components of our program.  We help you grow through all parts of Maslow's Hierarchy


Phase 1:  Fill your emotional bucket

  • Build emotional resilience

  • Learn healthy coping skills

  • What self-care really means


Phase 2:  Manage conflict

  • Eliminate damaging behavior patterns

  • Learn compassionate listing skills

  • Find ways to repair after a conflict

Phase 3: Build relationships

  • Learn the magnet principle

  • Build connection

  • Friendship

Phase 4: Looking toward the future

  • Perpetual issues

  • Setting goals

  • Dare to dream

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