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by SOUND Relationships

You’ve always dreamed of reaching that next level, and the Oak Method Masterclass is the best online course to get you there. Have a look through the site to learn more about the syllabus and how to enroll.

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In today’s dynamic world, we must constantly be in pursuit of new knowledge and skills in order to ensure our success. Oak Method Course is a top Online Course that provides just that. Our highly skilled instructor employs their extensive professional expertise to teach winning strategies that put students on the fast track to proficiency.


Noelle J.

Good class for teens who need help with emotional self-regulation. I think in order for any class like this to be helpful the student needs to want to change/mature, and that doesn't happen over night. I love the terminology the teacher uses, and the resources offered (readings, charts, hand outs, etc.) It's also nice to have another adult talking about these things, as teens will sometimes listen to someone other than Mom or Dad. I especially love the way she points out the "trashy tricks" a dramatic teen will use to avoid doing something or try to get her way (drama, tears, rage, put-downs, etc.). This class is not a one-time fix, but attendance over time has increased my daughter's self-awareness.

Diane K.

Thank you for the wonderful class! The practical advice (eg. handouts, PowerPoints) including specific strategies for how to maintain a positive mindset in the face of adversity was very helpful. I am glad that there are follow-up/ intermediate classes available so my kids can continue learning these skills.